Corporate Social Responsibility .

Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd believe we have a responsibility to “give back” to society / community. Nepal is a kingdom of Himalayan & one of the best tourist destinations also. Inside of Nepal, the Himalayan and Mountain regions account for about 83% of the total land area and only 17% of total land area occupies for the low land Terai region. It means everyone couldn’t get enough land for the farming and still some peoples are Jobless & uneducated. People are still below poverty line and live a hand-to-mouth existence. The purchase of medicine, however essential, is way beyond their means. Many children are unable to Attends School because of them own family problems. For the government school they don’t have to expense more for school fee but them family are not able to provide the necessary pens, books, notebooks, school uniform & other stationary items. Even to get some small money they used to send them child for other works.

Now we make new concept, how to help them? We organized the social health and environmental camp every year in different remote village around Pokhara & western part of Nepal. We also support for health, education, spots and support for the poor people in remote country side area. We are also running “Save Your Teeth” Programs in remote village. Certain profit of this company will goes for CSR and there are so many hands from international who are supporting Nepal together with Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Our commitment in sustainability:

  • Protect the Environment: We are committed to the environment.
  • Respect  Cultures & Destinations: We are committed to respecting diverse cultures & heritages.
  • Protect Animals: We are committed to respecting the rights of animals.
  • Support Economies & Communities: We are committed to supporting local communities.

Our contribution in sustainability:

  • Trekking Area Cleaning


  • Tree Plantation

  • Save your Teeth Programs in Kaski , Syanja and Tanahu District in Nepal.

    How to brush your Teeth?

    How to brush your Teeth


How to brush your teeth – For the student

Aroma Nepal Treks

Scholarship distribution at Saradha Primary School, Tanahu.

  • Building School  / Building house in different areas which were effected by Earthquake in Nepal 2015.
Support to affected people during earthquake 2015

Support to affected people during earthquake 2015

Earthquake Rebuild - Aroma Nepal Treks

Rebuilt House in Tanahu District

If  you are also interest to help in rural area of Nepal  please feel free to contact us. You must welcome to participation in our program directly.

How can you help us and we can help them?
-To give financial support.
-To do Volunteers works in the village.
-To give some clothes, pen, notebooks, spots equip, health equip, and others.
-To give us further advice… .

How to Contact us?

If you have time to visit village, you must welcome. If you want to contact us by e-mail, call telephone or by post. Please find our address:-
Contact person: Jeevan Raj Sapkota
Email address: sapkotajr@gmail.com

Cell: 00977- 9856032425, 9846024322
Telephone no: 00977- 61- 456938

Address: Post Box No: 431, Damside-17, Pokhara, Nepal.

web: www.aromatrekking.com

Your small support will be very much valuable for the rural area of Nepal.

We are proud to be a Elephant Friendly Company in Nepal.

Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd acknowledges that tourists want to experience wild animals, but often don’t realize that wild animals suffer hidden cruelty in order to perform and interact with people.
 We recognize that elephants in tourist venues are often sourced from the wild, representing an animal welfare and conservation concern.
 We understand that elephants used for entertainment purposes have to undergo a cruel breaking-in process, harsh training, are forced to act unnaturally, and suffer throughout their lives in captivity.

That’s why Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd commits to:
 Not sell, offer or promote venues or activities involving elephant rides and shows. Instead, if offering elephant experiences, commits to offer only those with a high standard of elephant
welfare and conservation, with responsible viewing of elephants in wild or semi-wild habitats.
 Proactively communicate this commitment to protect elephants to its customers to encourage elephant-friendly tourism. Learn more about how to be an animal-friendly traveler at :  World animal protection