Our commitment in sustainability:

  • Protect the Environment: We are committed to the environment.
  • Respect  Cultures & Destinations: We are committed to respecting diverse cultures & heritages.
  • Protect Animals: We are committed to respecting the rights of animals.
  • Support Economies & Communities: We are committed to supporting local communities.


Our contribution in sustainability:

  • Protect Animals- Animal Friendly Activities

  • Protect the Environment – Trekking Area Cleaning


  • Protect the Environment – Tree Plantation


  • Ban the use of plastic bottle – We Provide refillable water bottle, reusable rain poncho, reusable walking sticks to our every clients. 



  • Free Cooking Class (1-3 days): For those clients who will book trip to Nepal with Aroma Nepal Treks.



  • Dental , Educational Support to the locals in different rural areas.