Millennium Treks

Singu Chuli Peak Climbing
July 1, 2016
Larkya Peak Climbing
July 1, 2016

Millennium Trek (6 Days)
The “Millennium Trek” is something new in the field of trekking in Nepal and started on the day of the New Millennium. It still hasn’t seen many trekkers. This is village-based tourism and is right in the heart of Nepal, an area that is ethnically diverse and culturally rich. Trekkers are distributed in different households on a rotation basis. Visitors are welcomed at a community hall with a welcome drink, a garland and a local musical band. This is suitable for all types of visitors. The route is best in the mid-hills, which offers beautiful mountains, hills, valley views, culture and nature. In six days this trek gives you an opportunity to become acquainted with the real Nepalese tradition, culture and way of life.

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